Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life and death...

Because I now have more internet access, it's easier to post. So I will post another story:

About a month ago, during the anniversary of Ecuador's independence, I was walking to a bus stop in Quito. During this time, there were lots of people in the city because of all the festivities. When I was almost to the bus stop, two men came up from behind me and started talkin to me, being friendly and pretending like they knew me from somewhere.
After a minute, they stopped the small talk and said "Money or die!"
My heart started to beat even faster. "Lord help me!" I prayed to myself. "Get me out of this, or at least give me the words to say."
Then they blocked my path to the bus stop.
With my head starting to feel the rush of blood, I said: "I don't have much, but what I do have, I can give you."
"What's that?" they replied.
"The love of Christ."
Hesitating for a second, they responded with: "Oh you must be part of some cult."
"No, I'm a follower of Christ. In fact, do you know Jesus?"
"Oh yeah, we know know Jesus, but we don't care, money or die!"
"No. Though you think you know Him, you don't and you are not saved!"
By this point, I could hardly speak because my throat swelled up from fear.
"We don't care, give us money or we're gonna kill you!"
They kept repeating that, however the error on their part was that there were lots of people around during this time.
I was keeping my eye out for an escape route and in my fast-beating heart I was still crying out to the Lord: "Save me!"
The two thieves didn't see a group of people coming our way because they were faced toward me. Right when that group started to pass I turned shoulder and joined them in walking the other direction and got away.
By the grace of God, those men did not even lay one finger on me! I even had with me: my phone, camera, money and my backpack that was holding gifts that I had just bought. They did not steal one item from me!
The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!

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  1. Wow
    that's scary
    I'm thankful the Lord protected you!!